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On the day of your appointment, you're going to feel like a kid on Christmas morning! You'll arrive at my home and be welcomed to the studio upstairs where you’ll go through a science-based, time-tested process during which I’ll drape you with precision-dyed fabric drapes. Through this technique, which requires natural light and can only be done during the day, I’ll see how your complexion reacts and determine which color family you fall into. There are four that we call your “season:” spring, summer, autumn, and winter.


From there, you will experience the HOC signature 90-second makeup where you will discover the perfect lipstick that lights up your face and brings out your eyes (yes, lipstick can do that…even if you’re not a lipstick person - I promise!). The House of Colour makeup collection is a prestige cosmetics line developed and formulated specifically to complement your season so you can be confident that every single color assigned to your season loves you - HELLO quick & easy morning makeup routine! (You will have the option to purchase makeup before you leave the studio so you can start implementing your new color knowledge right away, along with the appointment perk of bundled discounts.)


You’ll wrap up your analysis by undergoing a color rating process with your season's colors to discover the best of the best colors from your newly discovered season - we call these your WOW colors! 


You’ll take home a color wallet with swatches of your season, as well as a booklet with your WOW colors noted and tips for hair color, jewelry, makeup, and more, PLUS confidence and the clarity of knowledge of what to do next to bring your best colors to life! 


All about

The Style Analysis experience reveals what we call your Clothing Personality - there are 23 in all and you will have one that is suited to you!


 We discover what your clothing personality is by looking at a few things: your body architecture (don’t worry, this has nothing to do with weight!) and your personality and how you choose to live your life. This allows you to get an end result that is fully informed by the things that make you uniquely you! 


This process will reveal what types of clothes work best on you. Can you carry chunky knits or do you need more fine-gauge? Mid-rise jeans or high rise? Detail at the ankle or no? Belt or no belt? Tuck in or tuck out? Scale of pattern, special details (think puff sleeves, ruffles, sparkle, textures, lapels, and more!), accessories size, bag shapes, necklines, dressy to professional to casual. ALL. THE. THINGS. And more. In fact, even if you have the same clothing personality as someone else, you may interpret it differently because of your lifestyle and your body architecture. You'll know what to look for and what to avoid, giving YOU the power to curate an authentic wardrobe that will give you confidence, authority, and beauty…not to mention simplicity and how to save and spend your money where it matters. Think of it as a personalized shopping checklist just for you!



All about

You have access to a full line of prestige makeup formulated by season just for House of Colour. Once your season is determined, you can press the easy button on looking great because you will know the lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows, eyeliners, and mascara shades that are perfect for you and that will highlight your natural beauty! We also carry a full line of foundations, powders, primer, and more!


You can purchase House of Colour makeup at my studio at your in-person consultation, by contacting me directly to order from my inventory, or by going straight to the House of Colour website. The link below will take you there. 

Remember, you get a 30% discount with my consultant code! Email for the code so you can shop away!

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